Cole Supple is an 19-year old artist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, recording-engineer, and media-studio owner from the greater L.A. area. He grew up and remains an insane Beatles-addict but has been immersed in music of all genres,  which greatly influences his singer-songwriter/alternative style. He loves artists like The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, U2, Counting Crows, New Radicals, Coldplay, and Jeff Buckley. 

Cole Supple had a passion for music and the guitar before he even knew it. His parents note that he was always dancing to the radio and music in the elevator since he was a toddler.  After watching "The Naked Brothers Band" TV show on Nickelodeon and discovering The Beatles, he was set on playing guitar- rock and roll compelled him. He started to take guitar lessons, began to write his own songs, and perform for his classmates.


As he continued to progress, he was introduced the the Youth Praise Band at his home church where he started to develop his guitar skills and broaden his understanding of working not only with a band, but with people. He continued to perform at school, write songs, dream of becoming a guitar legend, and worship at his church every Sunday. Then he became part of the Adult Praise Band where he could excel even greater in his understanding of music and learn the greater impacts music has on people. It was here that the seed of purpose was rooted inside of him for making a life out of music. 

As time went by, Cole's love and passion only grew greater and greater. He discovered home recording and recorded his first album "June" in 2009 off of his dad's Hewlett-Packard laptop. He went on to record the albums "Christmas Morning," (2010), "Original One," (2014), "The Different Strings," (2016), "Living In the Blue," (2017), and is currently working on his next album. 

In recent years, he has been part of the Thousand Oaks High School AM Jazz Ensemble, Peace Lutheran Church Praise Band, Crossroads Worship, Idyllwild Arts Summer Program, and has been working as a freelance musician and artist. As if this was not enough, Cole is also an Eagle Scout, a member of the Oxford University Capstone Research/TOHS The Center for Advanced Studies and Research programs, was the ASB President, is a major guitar gear-head, can solve the Rubik's cube in under thirty seconds, and is currently attending his first year at California State University Northridge as a Music Industry Major. 


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